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Client Services
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How We Do Business

Each new assignment begins with a meeting / call with representatives of the client organization.

This meeting is intended to outline the open positions:

  • Goals
  • Compensation Range
  • Responsibilities
  • Educational & Technical Requirements (Degrees, Certifications)
  • Any special attributes, achievements, former experience / background (work or personal), characteristics, attitudes being sought in candidate or company
  • Agreeing on how this search will be conducted logistically between us and our client

Position Blueprint

After this first meeting, a Position Job Profile is created by Endeavor firm representative that will outline:

  • Our Clients company, culture, and specific needs
  • Specific / In-depth Profile of the desired candidate

Research & Analysis

Each search is very unique and is customized for a given company; therefore each assignment requires original discovery completion.  Once the individual company research is concluded, our recruiting procedure is commenced.

Candidate Selection and Screening

We use these profiles to find and source at least 20 matching candidates from our networks and sourcing efforts and narrow that list down to our top 5 matches based on our research.  once appropriate candidates are sourced, screened, and identified then Candidate Interviews are conducted in order to:

  • Further assess the candidate’s credentials
  • To gauge their interest in the position
  • Determine if there would be a culture fit with our client company’s principles and values.

Candidate Referencing


  • Reference checks are verified prior to any interviews with clients.


Endeavor firm will personally assist the client in arranging and presenting a Formal Offer to the selected candidate.


After the candidate is hired and has become part of the client’s organization the Endeavor firm’s work is not yet complete. There will be ongoing communications with company and the hired candidate to ensure a constructive, enduring successful relationship continues forward.

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